Documents overview

BriteCore’s documents functionality manages deliverables—documents that are generated as a part of the quote/policy/claim lifecycle. BriteCore has standard deliverables that a carrier can use and then add their logo and other carrier-specific fields. Documents are static rendered files, typically delivered in .pdf format, though other formats such as .html or .docx can be used.

Generated documents and uploaded files are stored in Attachments. Deliverables generated by BriteCore are stored here automatically. Other files can be uploaded by policyholders, agents, and carrier users, and stored in this module.

BriteCore includes numerous stock deliverables, enables custom deliverables that have the same look and feel as stock deliverables, but with the ability to add custom content with HTML/Jinja. Fully customizable documents are possible as well.

All deliverables are specific to states. Therefore, customizations made in one state won’t be reflected on the same deliverable under another state.

Stock deliverables

  • Available out of the box
  • Cover basic policy lifecycle
  • Some deliverables have fixed components
  • Allows minor customization and the addition of paragraphs and signatures

Custom deliverables

Custom deliverables allow a user to create documents that cover use cases not covered by the stock deliverables using HTML/Jinja. Jinja is an open source templating language used to build custom and deliverables. deliverables

Written in HTML/CSS/Jinja, these documents are completely customizable.


BriteDocs is responsible for create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations on deliverable templates, which define the content and presentation of a document. BriteDocs serves as a deliverable rendering engine for the Gen 3 BriteCore ecosystem and can create/manage the following deliverable types:

  • HTML/Jinja Templates
  • Static PDF Forms
  • Image Assets (png/jpeg)