Don’t allow null notes

BriteCore has implemented changes to prevent users from adding blank or null notes to the Notes list. When you add a note in any BriteCore module, two requirements must be met:

  • You must add a title to the note. If you try to add a note without adding a title, the following message will appear at the top of the screen:

    It looks like some information that is required for this form is missing.

  • You must select Add Note to successfully add the note.

To ensure users don’t add blank notes the following has changed:

  • When you first add a note, the Add Note button will appear instead of the Save Changes button. When you edit a note, the Save Changes button appears.
  • A Cancel button has been added.
  • The Note Title field is now required.
  • An error message will appear if Note Title is blank.

Additional considerations

When you select + New Note, the new note opens with the fields Note Title and Note Contents. The + New Note button is deactivated until you successfully add the note or until you choose to cancel the note. While adding a new note, the Edit Note button is also deactivated, so you can’t edit an existing note until you have successfully added the note or until you have chosen to cancel the note.

Additional information