E-Delivery feature highlights

The E-Delivery feature allows you to offer a Document Delivery Preference to your insured. This feature can save you printing and mailing costs for insureds who select Go Paperless in the Policyholder portal.

How E-Delivery affects the BriteApps Policyholder Portal UI

During enrollment, the insured can choose a Document Delivery Preference. After enrollment, the insured can change their preference in the My Account screen.

Enable E-Delivery Setting in BriteApps Administrator Portal

You must enable E-Delivery settings in the BriteApps Provider Administrator portal for E-Delivery processing to run.

Enable E-Delivery Setting in BriteCore

You must enable E-Delivery under the BriteApps Vendor setting in Britecore so you can choose the documents to process via E-Delivery.

You can also opt to suppress printing under the BriteApps setting in BriteCore.

Documents eDelivered Note in BriteCore Notes

The Notes screen in BriteCore displays a Documents eDelivered note for each document processed via E-Delivery.

Print Status in BriteCore Attachments

The Attachments screen in BriteCore displays the Print Status:

  • E-Delivered & Printed: Documents were printed and an E-Delivery email was sent.
  • E-Delivered & (current document state): Documents are marked as certified mail and an E-Delivery email was sent.
  • E-Delivered: Documents weren’t printed and an E-Delivery email was sent.

E-Delivery Document Processing Criteria

For E-Delivery to process documents successfully and send a confirmation email to the insured, the insured must:

  • Enroll in BriteApps.
  • Select Go Paperless.
  • Confirm the email address on file.

E-Delivery Email Delivery Criteria

For an E-Delivery email to be sent, an insured must:

  • Enroll in BriteApps.
  • Select Go Paperless.
  • Confirm their email address on file.

If there are multiple insureds on the policy who are all enrolled in BriteApps:

  • The E-Delivery email will be sent to the primary insured if the insureds share the same mailing address.
  • The E-Delivery email will be sent to each of the enrolled insured, if the insureds list different mailing addresses.

E-Delivery in the BriteApps Administrator Portal

The E-Delivery Administrator Portal dashboard displays documents processed via E-Delivery.

E-Delivery Processing: Manual and Scheduled

You can choose between two types of E-Delivery processing: Manual and Scheduled.

E-Delivery Manual Process

The E-Delivery dashboard displays all the documents in Waiting for Approval state to process via E-Delivery.

To manually process the E-Deliverables, log in to the BriteApps Administrator portal each morning and review the E-Delivery Approval screen. On this screen, you can choose the documents to process via E-Delivery.

E-Delivery Scheduled Process

The scheduled process automatically processes the documents via E-Delivery and displays them on the E-Delivery dashboard.

E-Delivery Daily Report

You can opt to receive a daily report with details of the E-Delivery process.

If you opt for manual processing, the report lists all the documents waiting for your approval. The delivery status defaults to WAITING FOR APPROVAL.

If you opt for the scheduled process, the report lists the documents that were processed. The delivery status displays either NOTIFIED or FAILED.