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e2Value XML integration for classic BriteCore

Release Date: August 2021

Replacement cost estimation is a key component of most carriers’ underwriting process, particularly for habitational risks, such as homeowners and dwelling fire. Replacement cost estimation is used to determine how much dwelling coverage should be required on a policy to fully replace the structure in the event of a total loss.

Note: Dwelling coverage is typically keyed as Coverage A on most policy forms.

In non-integrated solutions, agents have to:

  1. Log in to a separate product.
  2. Duplicate information entry from the in-progress quote in the carrier’s system.
  3. Create a report to attach and reference in the application submission to back up their selected coverage limit.

BriteCore is currently integrated with a modal iframe that crosses domains into e2Value’s site. 

Using window messaging, the workflow would flag the parent application when finished and potentially pass some data to be consumed by the BriteCore quoting application. 


The e2Value XML integration for classic BriteCore provides users with:

  • Full access to the vendor’s cost estimating tool.
  • Updates to that model’s inputs, options, and flow. 

Note: Users automatically receive updates without any extra effort on BriteCore or the carrier.


Currently, e2Value is available for residential by Basic and Advanced Portico, which: 

  • Redirect the user to the e2Value site
  • Use the Pronto-lite service. 

Note: BriteCore is also integrated through e2Value’s transparent inline service.


  • E2Value:
    • Supports the fully server-side XML API for requesting and updating cost estimates.
    • Requires using BriteCore to provide the UI and map the inputs to the API’s requested XML schema. 
    • Uses e2Value’s Pronto and Pronto-lite services.
  • E2ValueXML Transparent Inline flow:
    • Appears in the policy wizard interface. 
    • Uses the XML API, allowing agents to have a replacement cost presented to them by the time they need to enter Coverage A. 
    • Adds the replacement cost to a field within the Property tab. 
  • In-line approach: 
    • Uses the Jinja template, providing full access to the entire lines definition.
    • Allows carriers to configure their lines to ask questions and map them to e2Value’s XML spec without having to merge any new code into BriteCore.

Integration options

  • Users access the e2Value site through a redirect (original implementation).
  • Users access the e2ValueXML Transparent Inline flow through the policy wizard interface:
    • Agent’s view: Agent > Policies > Wizard 
    • Administrator’s view: BriteCore > Policies > Wizard 

Adoption considerations

  • Clients can choose between the two integrations.
  • XML and the original integration can’t work together. 
  • e2ValueXML Transparent Inline is available for:
    • Pronto and Pronto-lite residential.
    • Pronto and Pronto-lite commercial. 

Product Demo


  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Vendors.
  3. On the Vendors screen, under Property Valuation, select e2Value.
  4. Next to e2Value, select the edit icon .

Note: If you received two sets of usernames and passwords from e2Value, in the next step, type the external (agent) username.

  1. In the e2Value dialog box:
    1. Add or select the appropriate information:
      1. Username (for the XML-enabled account).
      2. Password.
      3. Effective Date.
      4. State.
      5. Policy Type.
      6. Service.

Note: A BriteCore staff member must complete step 6.

  1. Define the following:
    1. A service template.
    2. The line item name where the e2Value property valuation box will appear.
    3. A prefill template (optional).

Transparent Inline 

  • Populates automatically when builders risk data is entered. 
  • Allows agents and administrators to view the returned values on their dashboards: 

Figure 1: Agent’s view.

Figure 2: Administrator’s view.

Note: The administrative view isn’t editable.


Please direct all questions to your customer service and support teams. 

Note: To have technical service support map a client’s line configuration to e2Value’s specifications, please add a feature request.

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?