E2Value XML/Modal

Feature summary

Replacement cost estimation is a key component of most carriers’ underwriting process, particularly for habitational risks, such as homeowners and dwelling fire. It’s used to determine how much dwelling coverage (typically Coverage A) is required to fully replace the structure in the event of a total loss. e2Value provides web-based property valuation services.

Integration options

There are now three ways to integrate with e2Value:

  • Using the original method, which redirects agents and administrators to the e2Value website.
  • Using the Modal PopUp, which allows administrators to use a dialog box to enter data and retrieve the replacement cost.
  • Using the Transparent Inline, which allows agents to input the coverage data and receive the replacement cost during the new business quote flow.

Note: You can only choose one integration option since the integrations can’t work together.

Modal PopUp

Only administrators can access the Modal PopUp option.

To use the Modal PopUp:

  1. In the Builder section of a policy, select e2Value to open the e2Value dialog box.
  2. Answer the questions in the dialog box.
  3. Select Submit.

Once the valuation is completed, the dialog box displays the property valuation.

Note: The Modal PopUp option doesn’t pull data from the Builder section of the policy, so you will need to re-enter the data. The Modal PopUp also doesn’t automatically add the property valuation to the policy; it only displays the property valuation in the dialog box.

Figure 1: e2Value Modal PopUp Valuation dialog box.

Transparent Inline

The e2ValueXML Transparent Inline integration is available through BriteCore’s policy wizard. As an agent completes a quote, the information is shared with e2Value, and then, e2Value provides a replacement cost by the time the agent needs to enter Coverage A during the quote. The replacement cost is also added to the Property section of the policy.

Note: e2ValueXML Transparent Inline only works for Coverage A.

Figure 3: e2ValueXML Transparent Inline integration in the Agent portal’s new business quote flow.


Note: In the Property section of a policy, you can’t edit the returned values in the Property Valuation section.

Figure 4: e2Value’s property valuation displayed in the Property section of a policy.

Product Demo

To see the integrations in action, you can watch the product demo.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team. Customer service and support teams can direct their questions to #pd-financials-int.

Note: A feature request will need to be added for developer support to map the client’s lines configuration to e2Value’s specifications.