Add or edit cause/peril

In the Cause / Peril section of the Details screen, you can add the loss cause and accompanying code for the loss event. This information is pulled from the first notice of loss (FNOL). You can add and edit the Cause / Peril section in the claim file’s Details screen. For more information on perils, see Add and manage perils.

To add the Loss Cause or edit the Cause / Peril section, access the Details screen of a claim and:

  1. Navigate to the Cause / Peril section and select Edit. The Cause / Peril dialog box will open.
  2. From the Loss Cause(s) dropdown list, select the cause(s) associated with the loss. You can select more than one cause.
  3. When you’re finished selecting causes, select Save. If you select Cancel, you will return to the Details screen without saving the changes you made.

Usage consideration

When you add or edit information in this section, the change will be recorded in the Claim Activity Log. The entry will contain the following information:

  • The date and time of change.
  • The user that made the change.
  • The original value.
  • The new value.