Edit Contact Information on Injury Details screen

The Contact Information section on the Injury Details screen contains basic contact information for the specific party. For a first-party claimant, the contact information is pulled from the associated policy and existing contact information. For a third-party claimant, the contact information is pulled from the contact record also.

In other sections of the Injury Details screen, you can edit sections by selecting the Edit button in the upper right corner of each section. To edit information in the Contact Information section, access the Injury Details screen of the injured party you want to edit and:

  1. Under Contact Information, select the party link next to Name. The <P## – Party name> dialog box will open. This is a read-only dialog box.
  2. Select Edit in the top-right corner of the dialog box to open the editable version of the <P## – Party name> dialog box.

    Note: If an exposure isn’t associated with the party, then the party may not have a party ID. The party dialog box, would then be labeled as <Party Name>.

  3. Complete your edits.
  4. Select Save.