Edit Exposure Loss Description

On the Details screen of an exposure file, you can add and edit the Exposure Loss Description

To add or edit the Exposure Loss Description, navigate to the claim file’s Exposures screen and: 

  1. Navigate to the claimant associated with the exposure you want to access the Details screen for and select anywhere in the claimant row, except the Name link. The Exposure tree will open.
  2. Select the exposure you want to view. The exposure file’s Details screen will open.
  3. On the exposure file’s Details screen, navigate to the Exposure Loss Description section and select Edit. The Exposure Loss Description dialog box will open.
  4. In the Description box, type a description of the exposure loss.
  5. When you finish, select Save.

Usage considerations

When you add or edit the Exposure Loss Description section, the changes will be recorded in the Claims Activity Log. The following will be captured in the Claims Activity Log record: 

  • Date and time of change. 
  • Name of the user that made the change. 
  • Original value. 
  • New value.