Edit party information

You can update a party’s information by selecting their name link from anywhere in the claim file.

To edit a party’s information:

  1. Select the party link to open the party’s information dialog box.
  2. The party information dialog box is read-only. At the top of the dialog box, you will see the Edit button, if the following are true:
    1. Based on your role, you have access to edit parties.
    2. The claim status is New, Open, or Re-opened.

      Note: Approved vendors can only be modified by those with permissions to access the Contacts module. If you’re unable to modify an approved vendor, then a lock icon will appear at the top of the dialog box instead of the Edit link.

      Figure 1: The Edit link on the read-only version of a party’s information dialog box.
  3. Select the Edit link. The editable version of the dialog box will open.
  4. Complete your edits.
  5. When you’re finished, select Save.

Usage considerations

A party’s contact information that originates from the policy can’t be updated by the adjuster in the claim file. If contact information needs to be updated, then that information should be updated in the policy by creating an endorsement. Contacts that don’t originate from the policy can be modified. You can add additional information to new and existing contacts, but you can’t edit the additional information.

When you complete edits, if there is an SSN match, you will need to accept it before being allowed to continue. Accepting the SSN match will overwrite the party information you’ve added with the information included in the Contacts module. If you accept the SSN match and overwrite the party information, you can then update the party information. The changes you make to the party information will update the information in the Contacts module.

If the advanced setting, allow-duplicate-ssn is set to True, you will be allowed to create a contact with an SSN that matches an existing contact.