Edit the initial bill contact

By default, the Initial Bill Contact section populates with the information selected in the Recurring Billing Contact section. You can’t edit the Initial Bill Contact section unless you choose to send the initial bill to a different contact.

To edit the Initial Bill Contact section:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts Receivable screen of a policy.
  2. Select Billing Setup.
  3. Navigate to the Initial Bill Contact section.
  4. Select the Send initial bill to different contact checkbox. You can now edit the Initial Bill Contact section.
  5. From the Recipient dropdown list, select the contact who will receive the initial bill.

    Note: To view the contact’s financial information, select the Payment Details link. You will be directed to the contact’s Payments screen in the Contacts module in a new window.

  6. From the Address dropdown list, select the recipient’s address where the initial bill should be sent.
  7. From the Payment Method dropdown list, select the type of payment the recipient will use.
    1.  If you want to edit the payment method:
      1. Select the payment method you want to edit from the Payment Method dropdown list.
      2. Select Edit. The Payment Method dialog box will open.
      3. Complete your edits and select Submit.