Edit transaction in the Accounting screen

You can edit transactions that have the status Draft. The Draft status means the transaction has not been submitted or approved. You can edit transactions only in the exposure file’s Accounting screen.

To edit a transaction, access the Accounting screen of the exposure file, and:

  1. In the Transactions table, navigate to the transaction with the status Draft.
  2. Navigate to the Actions column of the transaction and select the ellipsis. A dropdown list will appear.
  3. Select Edit. The Payment Details: <Reserve Category> dialog box will open.
  4. Edit the payment information you need to change. See Make a payment from an exposure file’s Accounting screen for more information.
  5. When you’re finished editing, select Save or Save as Draft. If you select Cancel, you will return to the Accounting screen without saving the information you added.

Usage considerations

When you select Save, the transaction status will change to Approved. When you select Save as Draft, the transaction status will remain Draft.