Edit vehicle information

You can edit vehicle information for a vehicle listed on a policy and for new vehicles added to a claim by accessing the Vehicle Details screen.

To edit vehicle information:

  1. In the Vehicle column of the Vehicles table, select the vehicle you want to edit the vehicle information for. The Vehicle Details screen will open.
  2. Select Edit in the Vehicle Information table.
  3. Complete the edits you want to make.

    Note: If you’re editing the VIN, the VIN must have 17 alphanumeric characters, where the letters are capitalized. No special characters can appear in the VIN. If the VIN doesn’t meet this criteria, it will display as an error.

  4. Select Save.

Usage consideration

When you edit vehicle information in the Vehicle Details screen, changes made will automatically update in the Exposures screen.

If you update vehicle information on an insured’s vehicle in the Vehicle Details screen, make sure there isn’t a discrepancy with the vehicle type, year, make, model, VIN, color, license state, or license plate listed on the policy. If you need to update the license plate and license state information, you will need to create a new endorsement. If any other information is incorrect, you will need to add the vehicle as an unlisted insured vehicle on the claim.

Note: While the system allows you to make changes to insured vehicle information, you can also implement rules to restrict specific user roles or all user roles from making changes to the insured vehicle information.