Edit a contact’s role

In the Information tab, you can edit the information included within a contact’s assigned role. If a contact’s username, password, or permission level changed, or if there are updates to the notices a contact will receive, you can make those changes in the Role section.

To edit a contact’s role, open the desired contact and:

  1. In the Role section, make sure the role you want to edit is displayed. If a contact has more than one role, and the role you want to edit isn’t displayed, do the following:
      1. Select the role you want to edit from the Role section dropdown list.
      2. The Confirm pop-up window will open asking Do you wish to save any changes to this role?. Select Yes to save changes. Select No to continue without saving changes.
  2. Edit the role. For additional information on specifics within each role, view the workflows found in Adding a role overview.
  3. When you’re finished editing the role, select Save. A Save Completed pop-up window will open. If you select Cancel, you will return to the Information tab, and all information entered will be deleted.