Email information related to a claim

With the Email Information Related to Claim button, you can choose to send claim information to parties associated with the claim. The Email Information Related to Claim button doesn’t appear in the Agent portal. To email information:

  1. Select the Email Information Related to Claim button. The Email Claim Information dialog box will open.
    Figure 1: View of the completed Email Claim Information dialog box.
  2. In the To box, you can add email addresses of the parties you’re sending claim information to. BriteCore automatically populates the email address(es) of the agent or agency of the policy the claim is filed on.
    • If the email address already exists in BriteCore, a dropdown list of possible matching emails will populate. Select the correct email address.

      Note: The email address(es) that populate the possible matching email address(es) list are pulled from all contacts stored in the Contacts module.

    • If the email address doesn’t exist in BriteCore, when you finish typing the email address, the option to Add <email address> will populate below the To box. Select Add <email address> to add it to the list.

      Note: When you add an email, it isn’t stored in BriteCore. A note is automatically generated in the claim’s Notes screen titled Email Sent: Claim #. In the note, BriteCore lists the email address(es) that the email was sent to, including the email address you added.

  3. BriteCore automatically populates the Subject line of the Message section with the claim number. You can type additional information in the Subject line. You can also remove the claim number if you want.
  4. In the Body box, you can type additional information about the claim.
  5. In the Attachments dropdown list, you can select the attachment you want to add to the message. When you select an attachment, it will appear below the Attachments dropdown list. You can preview the attachment by selecting it. You can remove it by selecting the red X.

    Note: The Attachments dropdown list will display only if there are saved files or folders in the claim’s Attachments folder. If there are no attachments, the message No available Attachments will appear instead of the Attachments dropdown list. See Attachments overview – Claims. and View and save custom deliverables for more information.

  6. When you’re finished adding information to the message, select Send Email. When you select Send Email, a pop-up window will appear saying:

    Email “<Subject Line” sent!.

Select OK to return to the header.