Email policy information

Custom emails can be sent from within a policy at any time. You can send the email to multiple recipients and attach multiple files that have been uploaded to the policy. The email subject and body can be customized, and the email subject includes the policy number by default.

These emails are sent immediately, so they won’t appear in the Pending Email section under Processing. BriteCore creates a note on the Notes section of the policy when the email is sent.

Note: Please verify your email address in the Contacts module before you send an email using this feature.

To email information related to a policy:

  1. Select Policies.
  2. On the Policies List screen, select a policy number to open a policy.
  3. Select the Email Information Related to Policy button to open the Email Policy Information dialog box.
  4. In the To box, type the email addresses you want to send policy information to.
  5. Under Message in the Subject box, leave the default email subject or type a new email subject.
  6. In the Body box, type the email message.
  7. If you have multiple email addresses saved to your contact information in BriteCore, from the Reply-To Email dropdown list, select the email address you want to use to send the email and receive replies.
  8. From the Attachments dropdown list, select any attachments you want to add to the email.
  9. Select Send Email.
  10. Select OK.