Enable address validation with Google

The google-address-standardization advanced setting allows users to employ Google standardization of addresses. This setting is disabled by default. An address only geocodes when the user enters both an address line 1 and a zip code. When these parameters are entered, a pop-up appears with a standardized version of the address using Google (e.g.- “Road” would be changed to “Rd”). The user can then select the address they want or simply close the pop-up. In order to utilize this feature, Google must be set as the geography database; the geography-provider setting must be set to “google”. To enable, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  2. Search: geography-provider
  3. Ensure “google” is the provider
    1. Note: This setting is case sensitive.
  4. Search: google-address-standardization
  5. Select True

Note: Users can use the Geography API and not use Google for address standardization. However, users cannot use the address standardization feature if they aren’t already using the Geography API.