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Enable Google Drive

Google Drive offers cloud-based storage for your policy and claim files, which can be automatically retrieved, uploaded, and stored in BriteCore.

BriteCore setup

Get started

To get started:

  1. Set up a Google account for your company.
  2. Contact BriteCore or your developer to complete the account setup.

Enable Google Drive access

To enable Google Drive access:

  1. On the Google APIs screen, select the Select from dialog box, and then select NEW PROJECT.
  2. On the New Project screen, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Project Name box, type the project name.
    2. In the Organization dropdown list, select the applicable organization.
    3. In the Location box, select BROWSE, navigate to and select the applicable location, and then select Select.
    4. Select CREATE.
  3. On the Google APIs screen, under G Suite, select Google Drive API.
  4. On the Google Drive API screen, select Enable.
  5. On the Google Drive API Overview screen, select CREATE CREDENTIALS.
  6. Under Find out what kind of credentials you need, select service account.
  7. On the Service accounts screen, select CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT.
  8. On the Create service account screen, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Service account name box, type the account name.
    2. In the Service account ID box, type a unique ID.

      Note: Keep a record of the Service account ID.

    3. In the Service account description box, type a description for the account.
    4. Select Create.

      Note: If prompted to enter a Key type, type .p12.

    5. Complete the optional steps if applicable.
    6. Select Done.

Enable drive event generation

To enable Google Drive event generation:

  1. In the APIs & Services menu, select Domain verification.
  2. On the Domain verification screen, select Add domain.
  3. In the Configure webhook notifications for glassy-operand dialog box, in the Domain box, type your BriteCore URL (e.g.,, and then select Add domain.

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?