Enable the age-categories-allow-next-year advanced setting

Enabling the age-categories-allow-next-year advanced setting allows the age categories on policies to rate with the next effective year, reflecting manufacturers’ next year models.

When the setting is True:

  • Agents and administrators can report that a new house under construction will be completed next year.
  • The Policy Builder age category columns extend to the next year and allow you to Rate and Save the age range.

When the setting is False, the age category provides only the current or previous years for property rating.

To enable the age-categories-allow-next-year advanced setting:

  1. Log in as an Administrator.
  2. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  3. On the Settings screen, select Advanced.
  4. On the Advanced Settings screen, in the search box, type age-categories-allow-next-year.
  5. In the age-categories-allow-next-year box, select True.


If a user created revisions with the Next Year or Endorsement Year options and the setting is enabled, then you must use the disable_age_categories_allow_next_year shell tool to:

  • Disable the setting.
  • Make the selected year fall back to the appropriate year.
  • Ensure the age category isn’t empty.

Reverting the age-category-allow-next-year setting can leave revisions with invalid age categories, which requires a data fix.


You can use the shell tool to:

  • Scan the database for revisions with age categories in an invalid state.
  • Print the affected policies.
  • Turn down the setting if the shell tool doesn’t return any results.