Enroll in AutoPay

If your provider allows, you can enroll in automatic payments (AutoPay). To enroll in AutoPay, you must add a valid payment method to the Policyholder portal.

To enroll in AutoPay:

  1. Access the My Payments screen.
  2. Under Payment Plan, select Payment Plan / AutoPay.
  3. Select Current Term or Next Term.
    • The Next Term button doesn’t appear if you haven’t renewed your policy.
    • If you sign up for AutoPay for the next term, it doesn’t affect the current term.
    • If you sign up for AutoPay for the current term, it automatically transfers to the next term unless you update it.
    • You can change your Auto Pay enrollment at any time.
  4. Under Automatic Payments, select the slider next to Automatic payments are turned off. If your provider didn’t enable the settings for it, you won’t be able to continue.
  5. A Confirm Authorization dialog box displays. After you review the terms, select I Accept to continue or I Decline to cancel.
  6. If you don’t have a valid payment method on file, a pop-up window displays: Please add Bank Account or Credit Card.
  7. Select your payment method from the Please choose your Payment Method dropdown list.
  8. Select Save Changes.
  9. A Payment Plan dialog box displays: Are you sure you want to change your billing schedule? Select OK.
  10. A Done pop-up window displays: Billing schedule changed. Select OK.