Enter manual adjustments

You can insert manual adjustments against negative commissions. When an agency has a negative balance, the agency must remit a payment to the carrier. Once the payment is received from the agency, you can insert manual adjustments on the negative amounts.


To insert manual adjustments, the payments in the Commission Payment Queue must first be processed. See Process commission payments for more information.

Enter manual commission adjustment

  1. Navigate to Policies > Payments > Pending Commission Payments > Manual Commission Adjustments.
  2. From the Agency/Agency Group Name dropdown list, select the agency or agency group that has issued payment for the negative commissions.
  3. Locate the policy or policies with the negative commission amount.
  4. In the Commission Amount column of policy or policies with negative commission amount(s), type the payment amount received that should be issued toward that negative balance.

    Note: The amount of the received payment should equal the total negative commission amount for the month.

  5. Select Submit Adjustments.

Table 1 and Table 2 mimic the table displayed in Manual Commission Adjustments. Table 1 displays what you will see prior to entering adjustments. Table 2 displays what you will see after entering adjustments.

In this example, Agency 1 has a balance of -$111.35, which is displayed in Table 1. The negative commission balance is captured in the Negative Commission Report, which is sent to Agency 1. Agency 1 issues payment to the carrier in the amount of $111.35. In the Manual Commission Adjustments table, the funds from the payment are distributed among the policies with negative commission amounts, as shown in Table 2.

Table 1: Agency 1: Before Manual Adjustment.

Table 2: Agency 1: After Manual Adjustment.