Enter manual adjustments

You can make manual adjustments for the most recent month after commissions have been run and before the Commission Payment Queue is cleared. You can make manual adjustments on any commissionable policy with a negative or positive commissionable amount balance.

Enter manual commission adjustment

  1. Navigate to Policies > Payments > Pending Commission Payments > Manual Commission Adjustments.
  2. From the Agency/Agency Group Name dropdown list, select the agency or agency group that you are making the manual adjustment on.
  3. Locate the policy or policies that will be manually adjusted.
  4. In the Commission Adjustment column of policy or policies, type the positive or negative adjustment amount.

    Note: You can make multiple adjustments for an agent or agency at one time.

  5. Select Submit Adjustments.

When you select Submit Adjustments, BriteCore updates the commission amounts for each policy and the Commission Payment Queue.

Table 1 and Table 2 mimic the table displayed in Manual Commission Adjustments. Table 1 displays what you will see prior to entering adjustments. Table 2 displays what you will see after entering adjustments.

Table 1: Agency 1: Before Manual Adjustment.

Table 2: Agency 1: After Manual Adjustment.