Export data sets

BriteCore data sets are available as .csv files for download on the Report List screen.

To export data sets:

  1. Select Reports in the BriteCore menu. You will be directed to the Report List screen by default.
  2. Scroll to the Export Data Sets section.
  3. Select the data sets you want to export.
    1. Select Select All to download all data sets.
  4. Select Download [#] Selected File(s).
  5. Enter the Start Date and End Date on the Export data sets dialog box, and then select the Download button to continue.
    1. If your data set requires a single date, you will be prompted to enter an as of date for the data.
  6. Select OK on the pop-up window displaying the message: This may take some time. Upon completion, an email will be sent to the address specified in your Contacts account. Thank You!