Export return premiums

Return premiums are exported from a central queue and can be exported to any vendor of a client’s choosing, including QuickBooks and Intacct.


  • If a return premium isn’t exported from the Return Premium Queue, it will remain in the queue until it is transferred, deleted, exported, rejected, or manually processed.
  • Before you can void return premiums, you must export them.


Before you can export a return premium to a vendor, you must be integrated with the desired vendor.

Note: For information on integrating with a specific vendor, see Integrations documentation.

Export the return premium

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Policies.
  2. In the Policies menu, select Payments, and then select Return Premium.
  3. On the Return Premium screen, use the Search and Filter boxes to navigate to the return premium you want to export.
  4. Next to the applicable return premium, select the red X to open the Clear Return Premium dialog box. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1: Red X on the Return Premium screen.
  5. In the Clear Return Premium dialog box, select Mark Exported.

    Note: This option exports the return premium to the appropriate vendor.

  6. Select OK to display the return premium on the vendor’s site.

Usage considerations

  • To issue a future dated return premium, you must first issue the check manually from your general ledger, and then complete the steps above.
  • The Clear All button allows you to mark as exported all return premiums that are in the Return Premium Queue prior to today’s date.

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