Externalized Integrations

Release Date: December 2021

Externalized Integrations allows BriteCore’s technical users to create and host integrations within BriteCore. Users won’t need to wait for BriteCore to create an integration and deploy it.

What’s changing?

  • BriteIntegrations now provides the capability to receive an Integration definition (similar to the Quote Flow definition) to define and create an Integration within BriteCore.
  • An Integration definition combines several existing capabilities into a single point of definition and management.
  • A Secrets resource is added such that users will be able to add sensitive information to a secure data store and use that information within Integrations. Such information includes API keys, usernames and passwords, etc.
  • The Plugins API now has access control to limit who can create, update, and delete plugins.

How does this impact you?

  • Users (BriteCore, partners, clients) can create integrations with configuration at run time. For example:
    • When a document is attached to a policy, we can send that attachment to another data store, such as Dropbox, that the client uses.
    • The client may want to get data from a vendor within the quoting process.
    • The client may have specific renewal actions that must take place.


Only sites with BriteAuth and BriteAccess can use this capability. Sites without BriteAccess won’t get future updates to BriteIntegrations.