Failed email transmission

Admin alerts


With the failedemailtransmission advanced setting in the admin-alerts section, administrators can choose who receives an email alert when a BriteCore-generated email fails to reach its intended recipient. The failed email transmission email will contain the original email’s contents. The following actions may initiate the alert:

  • BriteCore couldn’t connect to the SMTP (email) server to send the email
  • BriteCore unexpectedly disconnected from the SMTP server when attempting to send the email
  • The SMTP server refused to accept the message data that BriteCore attempted to send
  • The SMTP server refused the recipients

BriteCore doesn’t report failed email transmissions when an email response from the recipient server is sent back to the sender, such as out of office replies, because the original email was successfully delivered.


This setting requires a list of email addresses separated by commas.

Setting default

This setting’s default value is blank, so BriteCore won’t send an email when a different BriteCore-generated email fails.

Change the default

Adding recipients’ email addresses to failedemailtransmission triggers BriteCore to send email alerts to the designated recipients when another BriteCore-generated email fails.

Note: Only email notification recipients can verify BriteCore sent a notification email.

Adoption considerations

The failedemailtransmission advanced setting is the same as the Failed Email Transmission administrative alert on the Administrative Alerts screen (Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts). If you add a new email address to one setting, BriteCore updates the other setting to match.