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Invoice due date selection

Projected Release Date: October 2020 The Invoice Due Date Selection feature will allow you to select a specific due date for individual policies and linked policies. This lets insureds select a due date that works best for them. When applying the due date for linked policies, you can select to apply the change to all, any, or none of the listed linked policies. When a new due date is selected: The applied due date change will persist into the renewal term. It can be applied without changing the due dates on the current term if you choose to apply it

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Changes to due dates, non-pay notices, and cancellation dates

Projected release date: October 2020 Non-pay notices will only issue on non-holiday business days. If an unpaid invoice’s due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the non-pay notice will be processed on the next non-holiday business day. Cancellations for non-payment of premium will also automatically process on a non-holiday business day. With the offset-invoice-dates-for-non-business-days advanced setting, you will be able to enforce the same rules for invoice due dates and other cancellation dates. With the setting enabled, BriteCore will ensure all invoice due dates and cancellation dates fall on non-holiday business days. If the invoice due date or cancellation will fall

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Disable Login Information for BriteAuth users

Projected release date: 2 weeks Important: This change only affects BriteAuth users. When BriteAuth is enabled, the Login Information section on a contact in the Contacts module will be disabled. BriteCore will display a message in the section directing administrators to use BriteAuth to manage user credentials. Please see the BriteAuth documentation for more information about managing user credentials.

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LexisNexis Auto Data Prefill

Projected release date: September 2020 BriteCore will support integration with LexisNexis Auto Data Prefill for auto insurance. LexisNexis Auto Data Prefill will improve accuracy and efficiency during quoting. Once an agent obtains minimal information such as name, address, and date of birth, from the insurance applicant, the agent can select Auto Data Prefill, and LexisNexis will return driver, vehicle, and policy information associated with the insurance applicant.

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LexisNexis C.L.U.E. Auto

Projected release date: September 2020 BriteCore will support integration with LexisNexis C.L.U.E. Auto. LexisNexis C.L.U.E. Auto consolidates claim information in a repository so insurance companies can pull an accurate loss history. The claims history in the repository may contain information, such as: Dollar amounts of losses by claim type Age of loss Carrier Policyholder Vehicle identification information

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LexisNexis National Credit File for auto

Projected release date: September 2020 We’re expanding BriteCore’s integration with LexisNexis National Credit File (NCF), or LexisNexis Credit, so that insureds’ credit reports can be pulled for auto policies, in addition to property and liability policies. LexisNexis Credit provides consumer credit history reports from a national repository of consumer credit records from three major credit bureaus. These reports may contain the following sections: Summary Identification Employment Public record Collection Trade account activity Consumer statement Inquiry history

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Additional driver

Projected Release Date: September 2020 BriteCore will allow agents and clients to add additional drivers to policies. With the Additional Driver feature, MVR reports can be pulled for any driver listed on a policy, even if the additional driver isn’t the named insured.  

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