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BriteCore’s email provider changes

BriteCore’s email provider is changing to to Mailgun. We currently send emails using several leading providers. We will consolidate all BriteSuite services to use Mailgun, a market leader, to make use of better economies of scale, to simplify support, and position BriteCore to provide future email enhancements.

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Billing – Automated NSF with Stripe integration

Clients using Stripe as a payment vendor will be able to automatically decline payments that are marked Non-Sufficient Funds (NSFs). Automating NSFs reduces the time spent manually processing NSFs and mitigates human error within the process.

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Delay cancellation per policy

With the Delay cancellation per policy feature, users can delay the policy cancellation date to provide additional time to pay an outstanding balance without extending the effective date of cancellation. A balance must be billed before the user can delay the cancellation date, and the selected cancellation date must be both greater than the original cancellation date and greater than today’s date. When a user delays cancellation, the policy will cancel on the new cancellation date (unless payment is issued) but will use the original cancellation date as the effective cancellation date.

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Changes to Pending Commissions Payments screen

With this feature, you will be able to make manual commission adjustments on all commissionable policies per agent or agency for the most recent month, until the Commissions Payment Queue is cleared or processed. You will be able to make multiple adjustments, positive or negative, per agent or agency at one time. If manual commission adjustments are made, you will be able to regenerate an Agent Commission Report from the Pending Commissions Payments screen, and the Agent Commission Report will reflect the manual adjustment change.

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Agent portal: New Accounts Receivable screen

BriteCore provides agents with additional features, enhanced usability, and a modern look with the new Accounts Receivable screen in the Agent portal. The new Agent portal Accounts Receivable screen is consistent with recent Accounts Receivable screen changes in the Provider Administrator portal.

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Loss Run Report

Accessible from the new Loss Run tab in the Reports menu, the Loss Run report is created by an agent for a single policy. A Loss Run report is a frequent request from a policyholder. This first stage of Loss Run reports will allow the agent to create a Loss Run for one of their policies without having to contact the carrier.

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