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Loss Run Report

Accessible from the new Loss Run tab in the Reports menu, the Loss Run report is created by an agent for a single policy. A Loss Run report is a frequent request from a policyholder. This first stage of Loss Run reports will allow the agent to create a Loss Run for one of their policies without having to contact the carrier.

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Historical Submitted Application Report

With the Historical Submitted Application Report, you can get details of all submitted applications that occurred over a date range, regardless of the current status of the policy or if the policy was accepted/rejected by underwriting.

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Rate Capping

Rate Capping will allow a carrier to cap a renewal rate change at each renewal until reaching the approved rate level using either a maximum percentage increase/decrease or a set dollar amount.

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Publish rewritten reports

Several legacy hardcoded reports that directly access a client’s database will be rewritten to use dataframes instead of SQL statements, which will optimize infrastructure changes and reduce the potential for errors when balancing between reports.

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