File a claim from the dashboard

If your provider enables the settings for claims, you can file a claim through three screens in the portal:

To file a claim from the dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Policyholder portal using one of the options below:
  2. Scroll to the Claims card. Select the File a New Claim link.
  3. On the File a Claim screen, select the Policy Number from the dropdown list if you have more than one policy. Otherwise, your policy number will be preselected. The Policy Number contains a brief description of the Policy Type.
  4. Select the Location from the dropdown list, if you have more than one location. Otherwise, the location will be preselected.
  5. Enter the Contact Phone Number. This required field is determined by your provider’s setting.
  6. The Loss Date defaults to the current date. To enter a new date, type in the Loss Date or select the down arrow to select a date from the calendar date picker. Select X to clear the date. Select the small up and down arrows to go up or down each date field.
  7. Type in the relevant details of the claim in Loss Description.
  8. To upload a photo, select Upload Photos. In your Windows Explorer or Finder application, navigate to the photo you want to upload and select Open.
  9. Select Submit Claim.
  10. A pop-up window displays confirming your successful submission: Your claim was successfully submitted. An adjuster will be contacting you shortly.