Fnol configurable fields



With the fnol-configurable-fields advanced setting, you can enable a new view of the File a Claim screen in the Agent portal. The new screen hides the Submission Information, such as the Reported By and Reported To fields. The new screen can also display new dynamic fields, such as a Primary Contact field. The display of dynamic fields also depends on the Setting Value of the fnol-fields advanced setting.


This setting requires a True or False button.

Setting default

By default, fnol-configurable-fields is set to False, so the new screen isn’t displayed.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for fnol-configurable-fields. Select True, and the new version of the File a Claim screen will show in the Agent portal.

Adoption considerations

The fnol-configurable-fields advanced setting displays the new File a Claim screen which includes removing Submission Information and displaying new dynamic fields. When fnol-configurable-fields is set to True, it will show only the dynamic fields entered in the fnol-fields advanced setting. If no fields are entered in fnol-fields, then no new fields will display when fnol-configurable-fields is enabled.

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