Add branding to classic BriteCore

There are a few simple ways to brand classic BriteCore.

Apply a custom favicon

Clients can display a custom favicon (a small image, usually a logo, associated with a domain) on browser tabs. If no custom favicon is specified, the default is the BriteCore logo.

To enable a custom favicon, a BriteCore site administrator will follow these steps to input the HTML necessary to customize a site’s favicon:

  • Run the wizard with the client’s chosen image (in a square aspect ratio)
  • Upload the resulting icons to the client site’s AWS assets folder
  • Input the HTML generated by the favicon generator, updating the href attributes as necessary to point to the icons’ location

Add brand elements to BriteCore emails

BriteCore sends various policy and claim related emails to outside users like agents, adjusters, and insureds. Emails can be branded with a carrier’s name as it appears in BriteCore.

Add the primary carrier name to every email subject line

This setting will change an email’s subject line from BriteCore: Notice to Insurance Carrier – BriteCore: Notice:

  1. Verify the primary carrier’s name in the Contacts module
  2. Run:

#UPDATE `settings` SET `value`=1 WHERE `option` = ‘forced_branding’

Customize sender email

All emails sent out from BriteCore come from This feature allows clients to customize the sender, for example: To enable:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  2. Search: primary-sender
  3. Type in desired sender’s email address under Setting Value


Apply custom typefaces

Clients can theme BriteCore using custom typefaces. 

  1. Choose a font using a tool like Google Fonts
  2. Create or amend the client’s custom variables scss stylesheet
  3. Add the URL of the chosen font:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced
    2. Search: custom-typeface
    3. Click Edit HTML
    4. Import the selected font. For example, to add the Pacifico font available through Google Fonts.
    5. Click Save Changes