General searching tips


Hotkeys allow contacts, policies, and claims to be accessed quickly via your keyboard. This feature is available to staff in the Administrative Portal; agents can’t use hotkeys.


Within BriteCore, type ? to see a summary of BriteCore’s keyboard shortcuts.


Within BriteCore, type g then n (abbreviated for go to contact (name)) on your keyboard.


Within BriteCore, type g then p (abbreviated for go to policy) on your keyboard.


Within BriteCore, type g then c (abbreviated for go to claim).

Within each search

  • Recently viewed records will appear and be selectable for quick access. As the user types, the system will auto-suggest contacts, policies, or claims.
  • The search field will display the configured prefix for policies or claims. Press tab on your keyboard to fill in the prefix or leave it blank to search other policy or claim numbers
  • If the user is currently on a specific tab within a contact, policy, or claim and switches to a new contact, policy, or claim using the hotkey, the user will be directed to the same tab of the new policy or claim. For example, if a user is viewing the Accounts Receivable tab for policy A and switches to policy B using the hotkey, policy B will open to the Accounts Receivable tab