Generate an amended invoice

An Amended Billing Statement (invoice) is created when a premium-bearing endorsement is processed and the policy’s premium is increased or decreased. This statement is created under a specific set of criteria which is explained in Set up endorsement billing.

When the Amended Billing Statement (invoice) is generated, the print state must always be set to To Be Determined, except for the following cases in which the print state is set to Do No Print

  • The invoice amount is less than or equal to $0.00. 
    Note: If you enable either the Print Initial Invoice Irrespective of Amount Due or Print Renewal Invoice Irrespective of Amount Due policy lifecycle setting, then the print state will remain To Be Determined.  
  • The policy is on autopay. 
  • The invoice amount is less than the value of the enabled policy lifecycle setting Do Not Issue a Bill If the Amount Due is Less Than
  • The Discontinue Printing During Cancellation Pending policy lifecycle setting is selected and the policy status of the most recent revision is Cancellation Pending
  • An endorsement reduces the premium on a policy. 
    Note: If the Policy Lifecycle setting Send an amended invoice even when the endorsement amount is negative is selected, then BriteCore will generate and send a negative invoice. This setting is not recommended for use by the broader client community. 

If the Amended Billing Statement (invoice) is created but not printed, you can access and print the amended invoice.

To print an Amended Billing Statement (invoice): 

  1. On the Policy Search screen, navigate to and select the policy associated with the invoice you want to access. 
  2. Select Accounts Receivable.
  3. In the Billing Overview tab of the Accounts Receivable screen, navigate to the Account History table.
  4. Locate the Amended Billing Statement (invoice) you want to access and select the row of the invoice. 
  5. In the Details section select the Edit and Reprint button. The Edit and Reprint dialog box will open. 
  6. Amend the dates, if needed. This isn’t required.
  7. Leave the Print Automatically checkbox selected.
  8. Select Submit.

You can also view and print the Amended Billing Statement (invoice) by: 

  1. Either selecting the Invoice link in the Type column of the Account History screen or accessing the Amended Billing Statement folder in the Attachments screen of the policy. 
  2. Once you open the Amended Billing Statement (invoice) select the printer icon in the top right side of the screen. The Print dialog box will open.
  3. Complete the Print dialog box.