Generate bill for remaining balance on term (pre-cancellation)

A billing agent can generate an invoice (deliverable) for an insured with the remainder owed on a policy before it goes into cancellation pending for non-payment. The current system, Edit & Reprint, will generate the full invoice amount of the total premium, while Payoff Balance Summary will provide the remaining balance.

To generate:

  1. Log in as an Administrator
  2. Choose a policy
  3. Select Custom Deliverable
  4. Select Payoff Balance Summary from the dropdown list
  5. Select Done
  6. Navigate to the Attachments tab
  7. Locate the deliverable in Policies > Attachments under Payoff Balance Summary
  8. Check that the deliverable Payoff Amount matches the policy in Policies > Accounts Receivable

Ex:Payoff Balance Summary Deliverable with Expiration Date and Payoff Amount


Ex: Accounts Receivable with Premium Billed and Payoff Amount matching the summary deliverable


Engineers can read PR 10543 for more information.