Generate Payoff Balance Summary

You can generate a deliverable for an insured that displays the remaining balance owed on a policy before a policy enters Cancellation Pending for non-payment. To view the full invoice amount and total premium, you will select the Edit and Reprint button associated with an invoice in the Account History table of the Accounts Receivable screen. To view the remaining balance on the term, you will generate the Payoff Balance Summary deliverable.

To generate the Payoff Balance Summary:

  1. In the Provider Administrator portal, select Policies in the BriteCore menu. 
  2. On the Policy Search screen, locate and access the policy you want to generate the deliverable for. 
  3. In the policy header, select Custom Deliverable. The Custom Deliverable dialog box will display.
  4. From the Custom Deliverable dropdown list, select Payoff Balance Summary.
  5. Select Done.

Depending on the deliverable’s print state, the deliverable may or may not print. If the deliverable doesn’t print, you can locate the deliverable, change the print state, and print it. 

To locate the deliverable and change the print state: 

  1. Within the same policy, navigate to Attachments.
  2. Locate the folder titled Payoff Balance Summary. 
  3. Navigate through the folder structure to the Payoff Balance Summary deliverable. 
  4. Select the Payoff Balance Summary row. When you select the row of the deliverable (not the name, which is a link), action buttons will appear above the breadcrumbs. 
  5. Select Print State
  6. From the Print State dropdown list, select To Be Determined.

To locate the deliverable and print it: 

  1. Complete steps 1–3. 
  2. Select the link of the deliverable. The deliverable will open in a new window. 
  3. Select the print icon in the top-right corner of the window. 
  4. Complete the Print dialog box and select Print