Generate documents in the Attachments screen

In both the claim file Attachments screen and the exposure file Attachments screen, you can generate documents. Documents generated in the claim file will be visible only in the claim file’s Attachments screen unless the document is generated within an exposure file’s folder. Documents generated in the exposure file will be visible only in the specific exposure file’s Attachments screen and in the exposure file’s folder in the claim file’s Attachments screen.

The documents you can generate in the Attachments screen are configurable. Out of the box, you can generate the Claim Acknowledgment Letter, Loss Notice, and Notification of Property Reinsurance loss. You can further customize claim documents by completing dynamic fields, if available.

Note: The ability to customize documents will depend on how documents are configured and your user role permissions.

To generate a document, access the Attachments screen of the claim file or exposure file and:

  1. If applicable, navigate to the folder you want the document to live in.
  2. Select + New.
  3. Under Create Documents, select the document that you want to generate. The Create <Claim document> dialog box will open and will automatically direct you to the Edit tab.
  4. In the Edit tab, complete the dynamic fields, if applicable.
  5. To preview the document, select the Preview tab.
  6. When you are ready to generate the document, select Save. The document will generate in the Attachments screen.