Get started with BriteApps: Respond to the E-Delivery questionnaire

The sixth step in getting started with BriteApps is to respond to the E-Delivery questionnaire. This step is optional.

Setting up E-Delivery in BriteApps is optional. The questions below guide how E-Delivery is configured for your company.

  1. Does your company opt in for E-Delivery processing?
  2. Does your company use a vendor to print documents, or do you print in-house?
  3. Does your company use an internal process for printing?
  4. Does your company want a confirmation saved to Notes in BriteCore when a deliverable has been processed via eDelivery?
  5. Do you want your E-Delivery acknowledgment notice to be reworded? The original wording is: I acknowledge that by selecting Go Paperless that I will no longer receive paper copies of my documents.
  6. Provide BriteApps wording for the body of the E-Delivery email sent out to the policyholder. See below for our E-Delivery email sample.

E-Delivery email sample

Dear John Doe,

Thank you for enrolling in our e-delivery process through the mobile apps and web portal program. Your documents will now be sent to you electronically and they can be viewed through the mobile app or through our website or web portal.

The following document for policy ##-####-#### has been delivered to you electronically:

Declaration: mm-dd-yyyy – Declaration – John Doe

Next Step:

You can view these, and all of your policy documentation through the mobile app or our web portal.

This document can be found under the Paperless Delivery directory on the Policies page under the Documents tab.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in our company in allowing us to provide insurance coverage for your valuable asset. Please let us know if we can be of further service to you.