Get started with BriteApps: Set up your web version

The third step in getting started with BriteApps is to set up the web version of the application. This step is optional.

If you select the web version of the app, our BriteApps DevOps team will create a test environment that points to your instance of BriteCore. Your team can use this test environment as a sandbox to learn and test the application. To set up the web version of the application:

  1. Provide BriteApps with an image for the Sign In screen:
    • Optimal size for a standard monitor is 2400 x 1800 px; 1600 x 900 px; or 1280 x 860 px in the following formats: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff.
    • The image resolution limit is 60 megapixels.
    • Choose colors from your company brand palette for consistency with the rest of your site.

Note: The BriteApps team will use the same company logo provided for the mobile app unless otherwise specified.

  1. The BriteApps team provides your company with a URL for production and this requires you to update your company’s DNS record. The URL is usually in this format:
    1. my.{company}.com CNAME TO
    2.{company}.com CNAME TO
    3. You can use any alias that is convenient, for example: client.{company}.com or portal.{company}.com.
  2. Notify the BriteApps team when you update your company’s DNS record.
  3. BriteApps DevOps configures the address prior to going live.