Get started with Jinja templates


To create or edit classic deliverables templates:

  1. Be familiar with jinja syntax, HTML, and CSS.
  2. Sign up as a BriteCore Developer.
  3. Enable Advanced Setting. This setting has to be enabled for any deliverable to be created using during normal processing. Without this setting, none of the overrides will work.
    1. In the BriteCore menu, navigate to Settings.
    2. Select Advanced.
    3. Select deliverables in the Settings Sections menu.
    4. Scroll to render_enabled.
    5. Select True.
  4. Follow the instructions on the project’s README (authentication required):
    1. Review and clone the required repositories.
    2. Follow the installation and configuration steps.
    3. Review the Debugging, Tips, and Common Problems sections.
  5.  Create/edit the templates in the client’s folder, with the path clients/<client_name/>templates/layouts/

You can access and edit the deliverables through BriteCore’s UI in the Classic Deliverables module.