Global Lines settings

In BriteCore, you can use global Lines settings to make changes that affect all lines of business.

Caution: To prevent unforeseen issues, we recommend you submit a Zendesk ticket before changing these settings.

Access global Lines settings

To access global Lines settings:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, under Modules, select Lines.
  3. On the Settings – Lines screen, view or change global Lines settings.

Global Lines settings

The Global Lines settings table lists all of the global Lines settings and provides a description and use case or example for each setting.

Note: Setting names with an asterisk * also exist in Advanced Settings.

Table 1: Global Lines settings

SettingDescriptionUse case/Example
Blank Category Default*Defaults all category dropdown lists to None Selected with a few exceptions: Premium Basis, Deductibles, and Limits.

When you set a category default to None Selected, an agent must answer the category question.

Note: A category with None Selected prevents rating a policy.
Select if you want agents to manually select all category data when quoting a policy.
Persistent Builder Options
Exclude Supplemental Questions*Excludes Supplemental Questions from Persistent Builder.Select if you want to add Supplemental Questions for new business without causing renewal business conflicts.
Derive deductible selection when previous selection is removed*This setting removes the previous deductible selection and automatically determines a deductible. If a coverage’s current deductible amount is no longer an option, BritCore will select the next closest value.A client’s underwriting rule states a dwelling isn’t eligible for a deductible less than $1000 when it is older than 50 years old. When the policy renews and the dwelling is 50 years old, the deductibles less than $1000 are removed and the $1000 deductible is automatically selected.
Policy Annual Premium Rounding
None*Policy premiums are not rounded.Select if you do not want to round policy premiums.
Round Policy Annual Premium to the Nearest Dollar*Policy premiums are rounded to the nearest dollar.Select if you want to round policy premiums to the nearest dollar.
Round Policy Annual Premium Up to the Nearest Dollar*Policy premiums are rounded up to the nearest dollar.Select if you want to round policy premiums up to the nearest dollar.
System Tags
System TagsA flexible way to track and report against BriteCore data. Access system tags in the Administrative Portal. See [Creating System Tags for Lines] for more information.Use InsVista to report policy and billing information to mortgagees.
Stat ReportingLines information you can use for reporting.