Google Maps and SmartyStreets integrations

Release date: March 2021

Feature summary

Currently, BriteSuite isn’t integrated with geocoding services. To change that, we have added two new vendor integration services: Google Maps and SmartyStreets.

Geocoding refers to identifying locations with latitude and longitude coordinates, which is more accurate than describing a location’s address with street names.

Geocoding offers several benefits:

  • Makes risk assessment much easier and more accurate.
  • Pinpoints asset location.
  • Enhances risk assessment accuracy for natural calamities, such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.
  • Increases data management efficiency.
  • Improves coverage pricing for local offices and consignments.

BriteCore’s Extensibility team:

  • Connected BriteSuite policies with Google Maps geocoding.
  • Completed geocoding and address validation (normalization) work for SmartyStreets.
  • Built a custom reference plugin to:
    • Provide address autocompletion through Google Maps.
    • Validate the address through SmartyStreets.

The Google Maps and SmartyStreets integrations provide two primary API endpoints:

  • /geocoding can be leveraged to turn US street addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • /suggestions can be used to create autocomplete controls, making it easier to input addresses in BriteCore.


With the Google Maps and SmartyStreets integrations, you will notice two changes:

  • AutoComplete functionality
  • Longitude and latitude


The AutoComplete functionality is a typeahead search triggered when you type a street address in address line 1. As you type the street address, a list of suggested addresses appears. When you select one of the suggested addresses, the remaining address information is automatically prefilled.

Note: After the location information is prefilled, if applicable, you can type the apartment/unit number.

Longitude and Latitude

The geocoding functionality automatically adds the latitude and longitude based on the location address and how it was validated.

Note: The latitude and longitude can be hidden from agents.


The Google Maps and SmartyStreets integrations are hosted in your BriteCore Integrations API at /googlemaps and /smartystreets. The provided reference plugin calls each of these services to provide rich address functionality.

To set up these integrations, complete one of the following steps:

  • Reach out to your BriteCore representative or do it yourself by:
  • Set it up yourself:
    • Host the HTML plugin publicly.
    • POST the appropriate plugin configuration payload to your /plugins/ endpoint.

Note: BriteCore’s Extensibility team will need to handle the data mapping.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team.