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Google Maps overview

Classic BriteCore and BriteSuite are integrated with Google Maps mapping solution. 

Note: The Google Maps integration works with the SmartyStreets integration.


BriteCore uses Google Maps as a geocoding service. Geocoding refers to locations using latitude and longitude, which is more accurate than describing a location’s address using street names.  


The Google Maps integration offers several benefits:

  • Connects BriteCore policies with Google Maps geocoding.
  • Makes risk assessment much easier and more accurate. 
  • Pinpoints asset location using longitude and latitude.

Note:  The latitude and longitude can be hidden from agents.

  • Enhances risk assessment accuracy for natural calamities, such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.
  • Increases data management efficiency.
  • Improves coverage pricing for local offices and consignments.
  • Provides AutoComplete functionality:
    • The AutoComplete functionality is a typeahead search that’s triggered when you type a street address in address line 1. As you type the street address, a list of suggested addresses appears. When you select one of the suggested addresses, the remaining address information is automatically prefilled. 

Note: After the location information is prefilled, if applicable, you can type the apt/unit number.


The Google Maps typeahead search isn’t available in classic BriteCore.

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?