Halt emails



With the halt-emails advanced setting, you can choose to prevent claim activity emails from being sent.


This setting requires a True or False button.

Setting default

By default, halt-email is set to True, so claim emails are prevented from being sent.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for halt-emails. When you change the status to False, claim emails will send automatically when claim activity is conducted.

Adoption considerations

This setting doesn’t conflict with other settings. Halt-emails is directly related to the setting Disable Claims Emails in Settings > Modules > Claims. When halt-emails is set to True, the Disable Claims Emails checkbox is selected. When Disable Claims Emails checkbox is unselected, halt-emails is set to False.

When halt-emails is enabled, emails concerning claim status changes and emails concerning changes of contacts associated with a claim are prevented from sending.

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