Help (BriteCore support)

Button, dialog box


The Help button opens a BriteCore Support dialog box to offer users additional support resources.


The Help button appears on every screen of the Provider Administrator portal.

Field default

By default, the Help button appears on every screen, and the BriteCore Support dialog box isn’t open.

Figure 1: View of the Help button.

Change the default

When you select Help, the BriteCore Support dialog box opens offering three options:

  • BriteCore Support site link: Opens a new tab to BriteCore’s content site.
  • Keyboard Shortcut tips: Offers navigation tips.
  • Submit a Support Ticket link: Opens a BriteCore Support ticket form.
Figure 2: The BriteCore Support dialog box.


Select X to close the dialog box and return to the main screen.

Usage considerations

The Help button can’t be customized and appears on all screens by default.

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