Historical Submitted Application Report

With the Historical Submitted Application Report, you can get details of all submitted applications that occurred over a date range, regardless of the current status of the policy or if the policy was accepted/rejected by underwriting.

Currently, the Submitted Application report only returns submitted applications that are still in Submitted state. This report acts more like a task management report.

You can use the Historical Submitted Application report for many purposes: Internal workflows, staffing needs, contests, agent production, etc. This new report gives you a historic view of the submitted reports to empower your business decisions.

Functionality details:

  • Submitted Applications are tracked with a transaction in the policy_change_log
  • This report will be reading those transactions and will not consider the revision or policy status
  • This is a new standard report for all master clients
  • The report will display in the Policies category on the Report List

No configuration is necessary. This will be a new standard report that will be automatically enabled for all master clients and all new clients.

Additional information