iCheckGateway setup

iCheckGateway enables merchants to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions.

Note: Voiding and refunding payments are not yet supported for this vendor.

Vendor setup

  1. Contact iCheckGateway to establish an account.

    Note: BriteCore doesn’t presently have a dedicated contact.

  2. Complete the required setup process.
  3. Obtain the following account information:
    1. Site ID
    2. Site Key
    3. API Key

BriteCore setup

Enable version 2 of BriteCore’s payment logic:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Advanced.
  3. On the Advanced Settings screen, in the Search for a Setting box, type use-v2, and then select Search or press Enter/Return on your keyboard.
  4. In the use-v2 box, select True.

Set up the iCheckGateway integration:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Vendors.
  3. On the Vendors screen, under Payment Processing, select iCheckGateway.
  4. Next to iCheckGateway, select the edit icon Edit icon.
  5. In the ICheckGateway dialog box, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Site ID box, type the site ID.
    2. In the Site Key box, type the site key.
    3. In the API Key box, type the API key.
    4. Under Accept Credit Card Type, select the applicable credit cards.
    5. Under Options, select the applicable options.
    6. Select Done.


Note: Testing is for BriteCore staff only.

For testing, see Test iCheckGateway payments.