iCheckGateway setup

iCheckGateway enables merchants to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions.

Voiding and refunding payments are not yet supported for this vendor.

Vendor Contact

Consult the iCheckGateway website.

BriteCore Setup

  1. Contact iCheckGateway.

    Note: BriteCore does not presently have a dedicated contact.

  2. Complete paperwork.
  3. Establish an account and collect your:
    1. Site ID.
    2. Site Key.
    3. API Key.
  4. Enable v2 of BriteCore’s payment logic:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced.
    2. Search for use-v2.
    3. Select True.
  5. Navigate to Settings > Vendors.
    1. Scroll to the Payment Processing section.
    2. Select iCheckGateway.
    3. Select the edit icon.
    4. Complete the setup.
  6. Test payments:
    1. In Settings > Vendors > iCheckGateway, type the Development API Credentials found in the original Github issue.
    2. Open terminal for the client then run sudo supervisorctl restart all.
    3. Test credit card and ACH payments using the tables below.

Table 1: Test Credit Cards

Card type

Card #


Expiration Date


Table 2: Test ACH Accounts




083000056446674336PC (Personal Checking)
083000108115654668777BC (Business Checking)

More Information

Engineers can read PR 5358 for information on the original integration.