ImageRight FAQs

If you have questions about the ImageRight integration, check out the following ImageRight FAQs:

What happens if the connection between BriteCore and ImageRight is interrupted?

If the connection is interrupted, BriteCore produces a Nightly Vendor Upload Error email. Typically, no action is required. Once the connection is re-established, BriteCore exchanges the data that wasn’t exchanged during the connection interruption.

How do I know if a file was sent to ImageRight?

If the file was sent, you will see files.vendorUpload={“imageright”:1} for the

If the file wasn’t sent, you will see {“imageright”:0} for the

When are policy statements and documents sent to ImageRight?

To send policy forms to ImageRight, the following must be true:

  • The include-forms-as-attachments setting is enabled.
  • Policy forms are listed in the file name format configuration.

To send documents to ImageRight, the following must be true:

files.printDate <= cron date and
files.vendorUpload={"imageright":0} and

Note: Documents with a print state of “Do Not Print” won’t be sent to ImageRight.

When are ImageRight documents processed in BriteCore?

Documents are moved from BriteCore to ImageRight during nightly processing.