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ImageRight filename format configuration

If a client wants to use ImageRight and requires a different filename format for deliverables other than the default, the format can be made configurable via vendor settings. A setting will hold a JSON string that includes a Python string with named placeholders, allowing target_deliverables to define the individual types of files that can be sent for a client.

Make the filename format configurable

To make the filename format configurable:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings submenu, select Vendors.
  3. In the Imaging section, next to ImageRight, select the edit icon .
  4. In the ImageRight dialog box, under Server Connection, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Username box, type the username.
    2. In the Password box, type the password.
    3. In the Host box, type the host.
    4. In the Folder Path box, type the appropriate folder path.
      Note: The Folder Path is the FTP URL.
    5. In the Transfer Protocol dropdown list, select the appropriate protocol.
    6. In the Configuration (JSON) box, complete the JSON string.
      Important: You can edit the JSON configuration only the first time.
    7. Select Done.

Configuration considerations

Some components of the filename must be provided by the backend code. Example: The policy number or print date need to be found dynamically through querying. Some components are outside of the scope of business. For instance, if a client wants to make use of the concepts of drawer and folder type, those are too specific to the user’s case.

Example: A client is looking for Commercial Lines_BC 0099999_Printed Docs_POL.pdf within the code.

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"filename_format": "{drawer}_{policy_number}_{folder_type}_{document_type}",

"target_deliverables": {

"Declaration": {

"drawer": "Commercial Lines",

"folder_type": "Printed Docs",

"document_type": "POL"




String building information

Important information to know when building strings:

  • The filename_format is a required string format that must use named placeholders for dynamic data.
  • The target_deliverables is a dictionary in which keys are represented as deliverable labels, such as Declaration or Policy Application.
    Note: Each key indicates that a deliverable is eligible for an ImageRight upload.
  • Each key/label has a corresponding value located in a dictionary where keys are the same as the placeholders in filename_format.
  • Notable default values in the code:
    • print_date
    • policy_number

Additional information

Engineers can read PR 8422 for more information.

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