Intacct setup

Intacct is a cloud-based accounting system clients can use for reporting purposes.

Note: Documentation on this vendor is sparse as it has been client developer led. Engineers can read PR 4440 for the original integration and PR 5733 for more information about exporting payments and adding a claim description template.

Vendor Contact

Skyler Fairchild

CPA, SS&C Solutions

913.951.4204 (P)

BriteCore Setup

  1. Contact Skyler.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > Accounting > Intacct.
  3. Select the checkbox.
  4. Select the edit icon.
  5. Enter the information below:
    • Sender ID
    • Sender password
    • Company ID
    • User ID
    • User password
    • Accounts
  6. Add a claim description template. This is optional.
  7. Click Done.

Intacct Vendor Location and Dimension Settings

A new feature allows clients to use a Location Id and a different Intacct Dimension, rather than the currently hardcoded department. Engineers can read PR 8329 for more information.

Enable Intacct in Vendors

  1. Enable Intacct in Settings > Vendors.
  2. Enter credentials.
  3. Create sample Claim Transactions or use BMIC devbrite instance and ensure some payments are marked as not exported.
  4. Export a claim transaction and ensure no errors in BriteCore and that the bill in Intacct has a location ID of 10.
  5. Create sample Return Premium Transactions or use BMIC devbrite instance and ensure some payments are marked as not exported.
  6. Export return premium(s) and ensure there are no errors in BriteCore, that the bill is created in Intacct, and that it has a location ID of 10.

Include All Named Insureds on Return Premiums

Engineers can read PR 8800 for more information.

  1. Enable Settings > Vendors and use the following settings:
    1. Sender ID
    2. Password
    3. Company ID
    4. User ID
    5. User password
    6. Accounts
    7. Claim Description Template
    8. Location ID
    9. Dimension Name
    10. Return Premium All Named Insureds
    11. Named Insureds Separator
  2. Export payments to Intacct.
  3. Log in to Intacct.
  4. Navigate to Accounts Payable > Bills.
  5. Ensure bills were created and have all named insureds separated by ” and “.