Integrations: Data mapping web UI manager

Release Date: September 2021

The data mapping web UI allows users to manage data mappings. Refer to Data Mapping overview to learn more.


The web UI allows users to add, edit, and delete data mappings.


The UI and API don’t enforce any authorization. Any authenticated user can create, delete, and view a data mapping. This could allow an unauthorized user to gain access to information not intended for the user.

Data mappings have immutable ids. Updating the to, from, or version won’t change the id. Create a new data mapping with a new version to keep both versions.

Data mappings are JSON-encoded instructions. The data mapping service has two modes: default and template.

The template text editor will validate that the contents are valid JSON.


Sites must be configured to have the Integrations UI module enabled.


Please direct any questions to your customer service and support teams.