Integrations: Root-level plugin slot

Release Date: August 2021

BriteCore’s BriteSuite web UI has a new root-level plugin slot. This is a hidden plugin that allows more advanced users to run javascript on any page.


Introducing the web UI root-level plugin slot called britecore:root:markup. This change is released in BriteCore-UI version 2021-08-13.2.


This plugin slot is available only in the BriteSuite platform. Any plugins configured to run will do so upon page load when the user is authenticated. The plugins will run only once per page load. When a user switches between BriteLines and BriteNotes, for instance, the plugins registered for this slot won’t run again.

When a user switches between BriteLines and Settings, the plugin slot is not available in the Classic BriteCore UI and therefore won’t run there. When the user changes back to BriteLines from Settings, the registered plugins will run again as the BriteSuite UI loads again.

The plugin slot is hidden visually.


Please direct any questions to your customer service and support teams.