Invite a new user

As an administrator, you must invite a user to BriteCore before the user can log in.

When an Administrator invites a new user, BriteCore will:

  • Link the new user to an existing contact or create a new contact.
  • Send the user an email with a temporary password that enables the user to log in for the first time.

Note: Administrators can customize the email invitation new users will receive.

Before anyone with the Administrator role can invite new users, ensure the Administrator role permissions are configured correctly.

Administrator role configuration options

Note: When BriteAccess is enabled, the individual who is inviting new users should have the Administrator role configured with special permissions.

Administrator configuration options:

  • To place access restrictions on the Administrator role:
    • In BriteAccess, ensure the Administrator role has at least three role assignments:
      • AllowAllActionsBriteAuth
      • AllowCreateRoleUserAssignment
      • AllowListAccessRole
  • To provide Administrators with full system access:
    • In BriteAccess, ensure the Administor role has the AllowAllActions role assignment.

Invite a new user

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Users
  2. In the Users sidebar, select Invite New User.
  3. In the Username box, type a unique username (required).
  4. In the Email box, type the user’s email address (required).
  5. In the Name box, type the user’s first and last name (required).
  6. In the Phone Number international prefix dropdown list, select from the following options: 
    • +1 USA (default)
    • +1 TCA
    • +1 TTO
    • +1 SXM
    • +1 VCT
    • +1 LCA
  7. In the Phone Number box, type the user’s phone number with area code. 
  8. From the Role dropdown list, select the user’s role.
  9. If your organization uses Groups to organize users, select the user’s group(s).
  10. Select Send Invite. A Continue Setup dialog box will open with the following message: 
    Would you like to proceed to configuring the contact ‘<Name>’ now? 
  11. Select No or Continue to Setup Contact
    1. If you select No, you will return to the Users and Groups screen. 
    2. If you select Continue to Setup Contact, you will be directed to the user’s Information screen in the Contacts module. See Add a New Individual contact or Add a New Organization contact.