Invoice Cloud integration

Release Date: April 2021 (Updated August 2021)

In BriteCore, clients can now use Invoice Cloud as a payment processor and bill presentment solution for their administrators, agents, and customers.

The Invoice Cloud integration offers:

  • Electronic payments
  • Auto-pay
  • Bill presentment
  • Up-to-date billing details

Administrators and agents can use Invoice Cloud only as a payment processor, but customers can use it for the entire electronic billing experience.

Note: For agents and administrators, all payment transactions are initiated in BriteCore and sent via real-time API to Invoice Cloud for processing. Autopay cannot be processed within BriteCore and will be handled by the customer within Invoice Cloud’s portal.

Invoice Cloud offers many additional options to enhance the billing experience:

  • Payments: Make payments online, by text, or by phone.
  • Scheduled payments: Set up payments through AutoPay, or Scheduled Payments.
  • Biller-branded customer portal: Customize your customer portal to match your brand.
  • Built-in email and SMS text engine: Improve customer communications.
  • Real-time data refresh: Provide clients with the most up-to-date account data.


In BriteCore, on the Vendors screen, clients can now set up Invoice Cloud as a payment processor.

Adoption considerations

  • Quoting and policy numbers must remain the same to associate the policy and the quote in Invoice Cloud.
  • An active invoice must be present on a client’s policy before they can sign up for Invoice Cloud.
  • Invoice Cloud doesn’t show credits; it displays either $0 or that there is a balance due.
  • The following functions must be handled in BriteCore and Invoice Cloud since they aren’t automated:
    • Delete
    • Void
    • NSF

Note: Invoice Cloud will provide a report of NSF accounts.


For more information, please contact your customer service representative or support team.